Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

Marygrace [Joshua's 7 year-old sister] told Regina a dream she had about Joshua on July 18th, 2006.  Regina retells Marygrace's words below.

Marygrace told me that she had a dream about Joshua last night.

She said she was asleep and Joshua came down from heaven with a little girl and he said, "Hi Marygrace!   This is our little sister Ann!"1   We lost a baby to miscarriage before we had Joan.

And then there were a whole bunch of other children there, about twenty.   They all wanted to play with Marygrace and Joshua and Ann.   They sat in a circle and they played Duck Duck Goose.   "And it was so fun," Marygrace said, "because there were so many children.   You had to run a lot."

Then, she said, they began to do exercises.   The boys helped the boys do sit-ups and the girls helped the girls do sit-ups.   "I had to have someone sit on my feet because I was the youngest," she said.

"Why were you doing sit-ups?" I asked.

"Because we were getting ready for a race, a very very long race.   We had to do all sorts of exercises.

"We ran the race and it took a long long time.   But then we won!   We all won!

"And then we had a BIG party and everyone we know was there.   Actually, everyone in the whole world was there.   It was so much fun.

"And they had dress-up clothes and I wore a beautiful dress with a puff-out skirt, and I danced with a boy who was seven, who liked me.   It was a beautiful dance."

I tried to imagine all of this.  

"Remember that dream," I told Marygrace.   "It's important.   Remember it."


1It is interesting to note that we soon realized that the feast day of St. Ann is the same as Joshua's birthday - July 26.