Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

August 28, 2006


Castle Joshua


We wanted to let you know that we decided to use some of Joshua's memorial money to buy a playset for the kids.  At our old house, Andrew had built a playset in one corner of our yard, but in our new home, there was really no place for the kids to congregate.  So we bought a playset for them, but there's a story to it:


Shortly after we moved last year, a prefab shed place in our town put a castle playset on display. This really caught Joshua's eye.  One time we stopped at the place to look at buying a shed, and Joshua had a chance to get inside the castle and climb up the ladder.  He was absolutely thrilled.


"Can we buy the castle?" he begged.  We said no, it was too expensive.


But every time we passed the shed place, he would catch a glimpse of the castle and say, "When are we going to buy it?"  I told him to pray to his guardian angel to send Mom and Dad the money, and then we would buy it.  There was always silence from the back of the car when I answered, so maybe he really was praying.


So when we decided to try to get the kids a special playground set with the money, I thought immediately of the castle.   But I hadn't seen it on the lot for about six months, and assumed that it was sold.   So I called the prefab shed place and asked them if I could order a castle playset from them.


The lady told me how I could order one.  Then she added that actually, they had a castle in the way back that they could sell me for a reduced price, because it had been sitting on the lot for over a year and was slightly discolored. 


I asked her about it, and found out it was the same castle Joshua had wanted and that he had played in.  I said, "That's the one we want!"


The older kids knew we were getting the castle, but it was a complete surprise for Thomas John, Joshua's closest brother.  So when a big truck showed up last night, he was completely flabbergasted and then insane with excitement.



We watched the truck unload the castle onto a gravel bed Joshua's big brother Caleb had carefully prepared earlier that day.   Even though it was 9 PM at night and the kids were in their pajamas, we let them take possession of the castle immediately.




We plan on woodburning the name "Castle Joshua" on the side of the castle, so that Joshua's siblings and friends will experience it as a special gift from our sword warrior to them.


Thank you so much, everyone who donated, for this gift to our family in Joshua's name.


Andrew, Regina and family